Commit 30962e30 authored by Jean-Philippe Steinmetz's avatar Jean-Philippe Steinmetz
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Fixing an issue with ACLs not looking up permissions through a parent

parent ca4fd1d9
......@@ -179,11 +179,11 @@ class ACLUtils {
acl: AccessControlList | string,
action: ACLAction
): Promise<boolean> {
let result: boolean | null = true;
let result: boolean | null = null;
// If the repo isn't available, no acl was provided or the ACL string is empty just return, assume always true
if (!this.repo || !acl || acl === "") {
return result;
return true;
// First check if the user is trusted. Trusted users always have permission. We pass in the ACL uid as
......@@ -195,7 +195,7 @@ class ACLUtils {
// If a uid has been given look up the ACL associated with it and then process
if (typeof acl === "string") {
const entry: AccessControlList | undefined = await this.findACL(acl);
return entry ? this.hasPermission(user, entry, action) : result;
return entry ? this.hasPermission(user, entry, action) : true;
// Look for the first available record for the given user
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