Commit 12ee2e9a authored by Jean-Philippe Steinmetz's avatar Jean-Philippe Steinmetz
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Fixing naming

parent fdaba9e1
import { Application, ParameterType } from 'typedoc';
import { MarkdownThemeOptionsReader } from './options-reader';
import { SphinxThemeOptionsReader } from './options-reader';
import { SphinxTheme } from './theme';
export function load(app: Application) {
app.renderer.defineTheme('markdown', SphinxTheme);
app.options.addReader(new MarkdownThemeOptionsReader());
app.renderer.defineTheme('sphinx', SphinxTheme);
app.options.addReader(new SphinxThemeOptionsReader());
help: '[Sphinx Plugin] Do not render page title.',
import { Options, OptionsReader } from 'typedoc';
export class MarkdownThemeOptionsReader implements OptionsReader {
export class SphinxThemeOptionsReader implements OptionsReader {
priority = 1000;
name = 'markdown-theme-reader';
read(container: Options) {
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